Thursday, May 24, 2012

He did it!

HE DID IT! Yahoo! Mr. Eames graduated from BYU-I! He graduated Dec. 17 2011, degree in Business with fiance and marketing. So proud of all his hard work! Congrats babe!


Christmas 2011 at our cute little town house. Trav was bummed we didn't stick to our tradion in cutting our tree down from up in the mountains. (Part of me did too), but i might say it was nice having a "full" tree and not a little "charly brown christmas tree." :)

Brae at 14 months old. She did great with not touching the bulbs and tugging on the tree.

Cake eating

 I love cake!!!

Cousins and friends helping brae with her new car!

1st Birthday Party - Princess theme!

Braelynn's first birthday party! Princess theme!
 Friends and family at party eating! We had yummy chicken croissant sandwiches, spinach salad, spinach dip with bread and crackers, fruit and veggies, confetti cake rice crispy treats and more!
Cupcakes and ice cream
 I had so much fun decorating! Brae had lots or friends and family come to celebrate!
  Turning 1 year old!
Princess Pinata was a hit! The kids loved pulling the strings hoping theirs was the lucky one!
Candy everywhere!
 Opening gifts.
She got money and books from great Grandma and Grandpa Mcgary
Cute clothes from Kurt and Lyn (including b-day outfit!)
Big pic, toy helicopter, and books from the Cases
Cute jammies from the Stew's
Musical book and money from Grandma and Grandpa McGary
Teddy bear from great Grandma Eames
Grandma and Grandpa Eames outfits, socks, and leap pad
Taylor's, Johnson's, and Wheeler's got her the big car!
Trav and I got her a musical picnic basket, clothes, jammies, and more!
Keisha, Bryce, and Kylee also gave her adorable hair bows!
Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and love!

 Singing Happy Birthday!
 Patiently waiting for her cake! "Its my party and I'll cry if I want to!" 
 Yummy princess cupcakes
Getting ready to get messy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

First hair cut and Bear world adventure

 First hair cut :0 -  just under 1 year old
We trimmed a few little blonde ends and shaped it up!
She held perfectly still- So adorable!
 Brae's 1st birthday Oct. 20th 2011. We took her to bear world to see and pet the animals, and ride amusement rides. She loved it! We also went to Olive garden and had cake and Ice cream! Had big party that next sat. more pics to come!

 Daddy and Braelynn on the rides
 Petting Zoo

BSU, Camping, and Blackfoot fair

 Watching Miranda cheer at BSU with my neice Baylee.
 Braelynn Presley 10 months old
Big smiles, Butterfly wings, about a year old. 
 Camping with the Eames
 Blackfoot fair 2011 - Petting the goats - Brae at 13 months old
 Getting a close look in the petting zoo
Blackfoot fair 2011

Friday, January 20, 2012


The View

Trav as Co-Captian! The captain turned the controls over to Trav for a bit and u could tell Trav was in heaven! One of his passions is to fly his own plane one day!
I also got to fly our plane.. Turns out I am a natural!

What an amazing day filled with many adventures! So happy that I married u 5 years ago! Thank u for making me the happiest girl in the world! You are amazing! I love u!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall adventures

Brae's first parade in Rigby. She loved seeing the horses and hearing the marching band.
Rigby Rodeo! First one for Brae brae.. she liked it and adventually feel asleep in my arms!

Camping at stoddard camp ground, spring 2011.

We love to ride and be outside

Brae loved to ride and feel her hair blow in the wind!!!

Camping and riding in our friends razor up at warm river. Yummy food, campfires, riding on trails, being with family! Priceless